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Endocrinology post-its

Apparently, I can avoid it no longer. And goodness knows, I have tried. But like a teenage boy jumping between hatred of zits, adoration of girls and the voice of Mika on a bad day, I need to get to... Continue Reading →

Renal Post-Its

I did a lot of Renal last year. It's complicated, and requires a MASSIVE brain (which I don't have), but it's kind of interesting. At least, I've got REALLY good at drawing kidneys. Blood goes in, pee comes out. Win.... Continue Reading →

Haematology Post-Its

Haematology means NOTHING to me. I mean, it takes me three attempts to spell it. But it needs to be done, and pretty pictures are the way forward. Promise. Feel free to disagree with what I stick in here (I... Continue Reading →

Immunology Post-its

Bacterial and Viral. That's all you need to know, right?! Wrong. So terribly wrong. Never mind. Enjoy some cartoons. Use and abuse these, but follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy

Cardiology Post-its

Lub Dub, baby, Lub dub. This post will be updated as I create more, but these are they so far... Tweak, copy, share, I don't mind. Just do me a favour and follow @HannahPopsy on Twitter! <img src=      ... Continue Reading →

Pharmacology Post-Its

Pharmacology is for clever people, right?! Probably, but there's no avoiding it, even for us lower mortals. So here's some helpful notes. Do what you like with these, but follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy


Scary word, scary subject. Not many of these as yet, but they're a-coming. Share/steal/improve, but FOLLOW @HannahPopsy

GI Post-Its

Oh GI. Thou art so massive, and thine anatomy is so flipping stressful. The liver alone is out to get me. But never mind. Share/Tweak/Steal, but FOLLOW @HannahPopsy <img src=

Respiratory Post-Its

Breathe. Trust me, it helps. Share/steal/tweak, but please follow me @HannahPopsy #FOAMed #MedEd

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