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ENT Post-its

Wax in, wax out. Mr Myagi would be proud.  As ever, for more #FOAMed follow me on Twitter @HannahPopsy        

Neurology post-its

Differential diagnosis for getting this close to exams and seemingly having done no Neuro post before now? Dunno. Haven't revised yet. Use these how you will, but follow @HannahPopsy on Twitter                                   

GU Medicine Post its

Meet Syphilis the Spirochaete... Then follow her creator on Twitter. @HannahPopsy        

Obs & Gynae post-its

Lady parts everywhere. And then baby parts. It's not pretty, but it is important.  Do what you will with these bad boys, then follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy               


It's all in your head, except when it isn't. Lots of definitions here, so expect bad cartoons. Share/cherish/adapt/adopt, but follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy    

Renal Post-Its

I did a lot of Renal last year. It's complicated, and requires a MASSIVE brain (which I don't have), but it's kind of interesting. At least, I've got REALLY good at drawing kidneys. Blood goes in, pee comes out. Win.... Continue Reading →

Haematology Post-Its

Haematology means NOTHING to me. I mean, it takes me three attempts to spell it. But it needs to be done, and pretty pictures are the way forward. Promise. Feel free to disagree with what I stick in here (I... Continue Reading →

Immunology Post-its

Bacterial and Viral. That's all you need to know, right?! Wrong. So terribly wrong. Never mind. Enjoy some cartoons. Use and abuse these, but follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy

Cardiology Post-its

Lub Dub, baby, Lub dub. This post will be updated as I create more, but these are they so far... Tweak, copy, share, I don't mind. Just do me a favour and follow @HannahPopsy on Twitter! <img src=      ... Continue Reading →

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