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November 2014


Scary word, scary subject. Not many of these as yet, but they're a-coming. Share/steal/improve, but FOLLOW @HannahPopsy

GI Post-Its

Oh GI. Thou art so massive, and thine anatomy is so flipping stressful. The liver alone is out to get me. But never mind. Share/Tweak/Steal, but FOLLOW @HannahPopsy <img src=

Respiratory Post-Its

Breathe. Trust me, it helps. Share/steal/tweak, but please follow me @HannahPopsy #FOAMed #MedEd

A Letter to Ms Morgan…

Today I read an article which made me cross. Nicky Morgan, Minister for Education and Equalities had said that Arts and Humanities 'limited career choices' (…/education-secretary-nicky-morg…/). So I wrote to her. She might reply. I doubt it, but hell, I... Continue Reading →

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