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Dr Hannah Barham-Brown

Disability and Gender Equity Advocate, GP Trainee, Speaker and Media Commentator. Everything on this blog is from me personally, and I speak only for myself. I'm very happy to discuss speaking and media requests; email me Away from this website, I am also Deputy Leader of the Women's Equality Party, I have BA Hons in English and Theology with Arabic (Durham), BSc Hons in Paeds Nursing (Northumbria), my Medical degree from St George's, University of London, and I'm now training as a GP in Leeds, primarily in a wheelchair. This website is currently undergoing some renovations, but for now has three main sections - Rants (blogs), where I discuss a range of subjects, including disability, medicine and issues around gender and feminism; Reviews, where I share my thoughts on some of the books I've read (when I get time to both read AND review them!) and Revision Notes; I got through Medical School partly thanks to my obsession with breaking topics down onto post-it notes, and I'm very happy to share them, (though they are a few years old now, so don't rely purely on these!).

Need a (loud)speaker?

It's official - I can now call myself a speaker. Since going Less Than Full Time in August, I have really enjoyed developing a 'portfolio' career, and I am delighted to now be invited to speak at a range of... Continue Reading →

So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way…

This is not a 2018 round up. In many ways it was a horrible year that I have spent most of the last few weeks trying not to look back on. Professionally, it was one of the best years of... Continue Reading →

To my God-daughter, on International Women’s Day 2017

Dear Gabriella, I always knew you would one day be a strong woman; you don't grow up with two older brothers, tall genes, surrounded by strong women, and turn into a shrinking flower. I'm delighted however that you started on... Continue Reading →

Why I ‘celebrate’ #InternationalWheelchairDay

I love my wheelchair. I love that I designed it, complete with light up front wheels, a bright red frame and a tiny little bell. I love that the cushion is the most comfy and supportive ever, to the extent... Continue Reading →

A Year On Wheels – the Lessons

As you may have gathered from the not-remotely-cryptic title, I've had my wheelchair for (a little over) a year now. It arrived on 8th December 2015 (ah, 2015, that year when the most traumatic thing to happen was my knee... Continue Reading →

Junior Doctors – Burnt out before we begin…

I'm exhausted. Four years of intense study, placement, and recently taking on the government have taken their toll on a body that doesn't like to play nicely at the best of times. Exhaustion I can handle. But I spent yesterday... Continue Reading →

All the Wonkies, Independent (Throw Yourselves on the Floor…)

A controversial title perhaps, but nothing inspired by Destiny's Child can be all bad. (If you don't get the reference, check this out (Dad, I mean you...). Recently, I read this article by Jodie Hardwick. To be honest, I got a... Continue Reading →

Striking Accord

This piece was originally written for my Huffington Post blog (yeah, I'm a Huff Post blogger now, baby!, on the day of the first Junior Doctors Strike. The issue may have gone quiet in the media, but much is... Continue Reading →

Being Patient – the Op.

I've been trying to reflect on my 'patient experience'. Nearly everyone I have met in the month since seems to feel the need to point out how great a medic I will be having experienced a stay in hospital (4... Continue Reading →

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