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Review of ‘How to Build a Girl’ by Caitlin Moran

I am never going to discuss this book with my mother. The only book group I can imagine choosing to discuss this is one run by a young, rebellious branch of the WI. And that's fine. Really. In fact, that's... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘Curtain Call’ by Anthony Quinn

Having enjoyed 'Half of the Human Race' previously, I was pretty darn excited when this was given to me by MummyPops, and then recommended highly by the one and only @bibliomouse - those two I would trust to pick all... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘To Rise Again At a Decent Hour’ 

I started this, read about ten pages, then put it down for 6 months because, well MEDICINE.  But I am so glad I picked it up again, because this book is hilarious, incredibly thought provoking and utterly captivating. Paul, the... Continue Reading →

Review of How To Be Good

This is a beautifully written book. Highly introspective, poetic and at times tragically hilarious, there is no denying that Hornby is one hell of an author. I read the entire novel in a few hours, and enjoyed the pure escapism... Continue Reading →

Review of The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden- Jonas Jonasson

I so wanted to love this book. I paid full price for it, for goodness' sake. I adored 'The Hundred Year Old Man...', and my excitement at finding a second novel by Jonasson involved dancing round the shop. Seriously. It... Continue Reading →

Review of Travelling To Infinity (soon to be film The Theory of Everything) by Jane Hawking

Surprised and excited to receive this for Christmas, I devoured it over the course of a less-than-successful ski trip. Jane Hawking is a likeable enough author and central character, but I found myself increasingly frustrated at points when I wanted... Continue Reading →

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