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ENT Post-its

Wax in, wax out. Mr Myagi would be proud.  As ever, for more #FOAMed follow me on Twitter @HannahPopsy        

Dermatology post-its

I know, all of the rashes pretty much look the same. They do to me, anyway. But there are ways of working out what the examiners are hinting at. Honest.       

Orthopaedics Post its

The leg bone's connected to the... Other leg bone?!  I knew that anatomy teaching wasn't just there to gross us all out. Damn.       

Ophthalmology post-its

The eyes have it, guys.  It's not the biggest area of medicine, and it frankly grosses me right out, but apparently that isn't justification for not bothering with it. Sigh.              

Neurology post-its

Differential diagnosis for getting this close to exams and seemingly having done no Neuro post before now? Dunno. Haven't revised yet. Use these how you will, but follow @HannahPopsy on Twitter                                   

Sepsis Post its

Sepsis REALLY matters. It tears apart families like mine ludicrously fast, and so I am not going to apologise for giving it its own post.  Do what you like with these, but please learn them. They could save lives so... Continue Reading →

GU Medicine Post its

Meet Syphilis the Spirochaete... Then follow her creator on Twitter. @HannahPopsy        

Obs & Gynae post-its

Lady parts everywhere. And then baby parts. It's not pretty, but it is important.  Do what you will with these bad boys, then follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy               


It's all in your head, except when it isn't. Lots of definitions here, so expect bad cartoons. Share/cherish/adapt/adopt, but follow me on Twitter: @HannahPopsy    

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