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Dr Hannah Barham-Brown

Disability and Gender Equity Advocate, GP Trainee, Speaker and Media Commentator. Everything on this blog is from me personally, and I speak only for myself. I'm very happy to discuss speaking and media requests; email me Away from this website, I am also Deputy Leader of the Women's Equality Party, I have BA Hons in English and Theology with Arabic (Durham), BSc Hons in Paeds Nursing (Northumbria), my Medical degree from St George's, University of London, and I'm now training as a GP in Leeds, primarily in a wheelchair. This website is currently undergoing some renovations, but for now has three main sections - Rants (blogs), where I discuss a range of subjects, including disability, medicine and issues around gender and feminism; Reviews, where I share my thoughts on some of the books I've read (when I get time to both read AND review them!) and Revision Notes; I got through Medical School partly thanks to my obsession with breaking topics down onto post-it notes, and I'm very happy to share them, (though they are a few years old now, so don't rely purely on these!).

Handing over the controls…

"How does it feel to be a patient and not a medic?" asked my amazing night nurse, H*. She's two years younger than me, also did nursing as a postgrad, and loves the idea of working in ED, like me.... Continue Reading →

Thank you.

While training as a nurse, I was introduced to the Swan metaphor. While appearing to glide gracefully across the water, not a feather out of place, a swan has to be kicking its feet like mad in order to get... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Costs of Being Wonky

Being disabled has its downsides. I know this will come as a surprise to many of you, but it's true. Once you've got over the cool mobility accessories and free parking, it's actually not so much fun. So much so... Continue Reading →

Contracting Apathy…

I don't consider myself a selfish person. I have my moments, sure. For a busy person, I can take laziness to a whole new level. My bed is one of my favourite places. But I'm generally pretty aware of my... Continue Reading →

Scrubbing out

When I was young, I wanted to be an actress (that is, once I'd given up on my dream of becoming a tree. Seriously.). I was pretty crap at school; too clever for my own good (Oscar Wilde as a... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ Groovy…

My mother learnt to play one piece of music on the piano. It was Feelin'  Groovy. The irony of this is now not lost on me. Today, I saw an Orthopaedic surgeon, who had become a lovely lady in the... Continue Reading →

An Apology.

I didn't want to clerk you. I saw you from my seat by the computers. You were muttering to no one in particular, constantly moving around, taking your top off just to put it back on. You were a big... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘How to Build a Girl’ by Caitlin Moran

I am never going to discuss this book with my mother. The only book group I can imagine choosing to discuss this is one run by a young, rebellious branch of the WI. And that's fine. Really. In fact, that's... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘Curtain Call’ by Anthony Quinn

Having enjoyed 'Half of the Human Race' previously, I was pretty darn excited when this was given to me by MummyPops, and then recommended highly by the one and only @bibliomouse - those two I would trust to pick all... Continue Reading →

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