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July 2015

Consulting with consultants…

Whilst wearing my medical student hat, I have attended a fair few clinics. Some of them have involved little more than ear wax removal (which, in all honesty, was one of the more disgusting mornings of my life), some have... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘To Rise Again At a Decent Hour’ 

I started this, read about ten pages, then put it down for 6 months because, well MEDICINE.  But I am so glad I picked it up again, because this book is hilarious, incredibly thought provoking and utterly captivating. Paul, the... Continue Reading →

Review of How To Be Good

This is a beautifully written book. Highly introspective, poetic and at times tragically hilarious, there is no denying that Hornby is one hell of an author. I read the entire novel in a few hours, and enjoyed the pure escapism... Continue Reading →

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