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Why I ‘celebrate’ #InternationalWheelchairDay

I love my wheelchair. I love that I designed it, complete with light up front wheels, a bright red frame and a tiny little bell. I love that the cushion is the most comfy and supportive ever, to the extent... Continue Reading →

A Year On Wheels – the Lessons

As you may have gathered from the not-remotely-cryptic title, I've had my wheelchair for (a little over) a year now. It arrived on 8th December 2015 (ah, 2015, that year when the most traumatic thing to happen was my knee... Continue Reading →

I got issues with my tissues…

For those of you who haven't met my mother, you should. Welsh (though normally sans accent), dangerously intelligent, and usually hiding herself and her core of steel behind a pile of books, she will lull you into a false sense... Continue Reading →

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