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I did it my way… Getting into Graduate Medicine

It's that time of year again. The time of year when friends of friends of friends find me on Facebook, when I see a small surge in the number of Twitter followers I regularly broadcast to, and people I haven't... Continue Reading →

Consulting with consultants…

Whilst wearing my medical student hat, I have attended a fair few clinics. Some of them have involved little more than ear wax removal (which, in all honesty, was one of the more disgusting mornings of my life), some have... Continue Reading →

“But you don’t LOOK disabled…”

Battling across London Underground is rarely easy, so I decided to try it alone with a suitcase in one hand, stick in other. Because God knows, I love a challenge. I try to be aware of invisible disabilities. I appreciate... Continue Reading →

I’m too sexy for my… stick?!

I should start this (before my mother totally loses the plot), by highlighting that I am NOT about to start chatting about my sex life. All you need to know, Mum, is that your chances of being a grandmother are... Continue Reading →

#ThisGirlCanToo – Honest!

As regular readers of this blog will know, I have been decidedly less mobile of late, and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future ( Considering that I was the last kid picked for EVERYTHING in PE, it's... Continue Reading →

Why Christmas is not for me, for life…

I don't really like Christmas. I never particularly have. Try saying this to people, and the automatic response is a shocked expression, followed by "but WHY?!". Normally, I just explain that growing up as a Vicar's Kid means Christmas is... Continue Reading →

I got issues with my tissues…

For those of you who haven't met my mother, you should. Welsh (though normally sans accent), dangerously intelligent, and usually hiding herself and her core of steel behind a pile of books, she will lull you into a false sense... Continue Reading →

Building faces while demolishing my bank balance…

Apparently, one day, I may have to grow up. Those of you who know me know that my current medical degree is actually my third; I've just done my 9th Fresher's week and have one more to go (and yes,... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Ms Morgan…

Today I read an article which made me cross. Nicky Morgan, Minister for Education and Equalities had said that Arts and Humanities 'limited career choices' (…/education-secretary-nicky-morg…/). So I wrote to her. She might reply. I doubt it, but hell, I... Continue Reading →

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